What Is A Citizen Panel?
It's a group of people hanging out and talking about every topic you can imagine.   Join our Citizen Panel™ using the Skype internet communication system.
If you are a ludite and don't want Skype then call us at:
Call and be on our Citizen Panel during all of our live shows by opening your Skype app and click on the icon above or simply use the Skype program to call us at :
If you don't have Skype click on this logo
If you want our 24/7 feed using other means  than TuneIn please note you can come here, go to ITunes and then to internet radio and then the talk category or, if you have an Android device, we have an app for that and you can get to it by clicking on the last bar at the top of this page. 
Click to listen 24//7
Say "Alexa, TuneIn Great American Broadcast Network"